The process of moving is preoccupied by all sorts of activities, while some of them seem to be more taxing than others, packing is more tedious and stressful. Anyone who has moved or is moving to a new house knows how difficult and what a huge task this is.
Considering all the time and effort that packing up an entire house requires, it’s no wonder that packing mistakes when moving are not a rare sight. To help you have a smooth move we are offering you a glimpse at common packing mistakes most people make.

    Failure to label boxes

A typical packing mistake which can cost you a greater part of your valuable time is failure to label all the boxes properly. Assuming that your memory is good enough will only serve to cost you energy trying to go through piles of unlabelled boxes searching for certain items.

Simply take a marker and write down the items, destination room and handling guidelines each packed box, preferably on at least two of its sides. This way, the process of identifying your delivered boxes, and consequently the entire process of unpacking, will be much less. Fortunately at Cube Movers we label all the boxes with the Items contained, handling instructions, source room and destination room. This makes moving a breeze for every one of our clients.

    Waiting for the last minute

You probably looked around your house and thought that you do not have so much stuff and can do the packing in a few days. But you were wrong. Packing always takes more days than we can imagine.
When you consider that it took years to accumulate all of your stuff, it makes sense that it’s going to take some time to pack it properly. Try to start the process of packing as early as possible, preferably 3-4 weeks, and continue until all your items are packed. Doing this will guarantee that while the moving day arrives you’ll have not so much weight but rather more time.

    Using old packing materials

Using old packing materials is cost effective but will do you more harm than good. Naturally, old packing materials cannot hold the weight of your heavy items and thus compromise their safety. Definitely the end result is more costly than just purchasing new and quality packing materials.

    Leaving empty spaces in boxes

The free space in the packing boxes only creates room for the fragile items to come into contact. . As a result, such undesirable contacts can only lead to chipped, broken or ruined items.
Always ensure that you use pieces of packing paper or newspapers, as well as sheets of bubble wrap or pieces of old but clean bath towels to fill in any remaining spaces inside a box and thus, immobilize its contents.
At Cube Movers we keep to our word of #MovingYouWithoutTears. We have highly trained professionals who will ensure that your move is very well executed without loss or damages. Call us on 254-727773663/254-736400240 or email us at to schedule your move today!