End month is here with us again, and as such most people will be seeking to move from their current houses to new ones. Here are a few tips on home moving:


• Select a moving company at least 3 weeks in advance and confirm the dates.
• Avoid moving around end of the month or beginning of the month if you can.

At Your current House

• Take advantage of the move to de-clutter and get rid of un-necessary items
• Take the carpets out for cleaning
• Make a valued Inventory of your items room by room basis especially if you need to take insurance.
• Clear with the leasing agent/landlord before the move day
• Deplete frozen food stuffs
• Make prior arrangements for relocation of special items like Internet dishes.
• All family members to pack their personal items/documents in advance. This can be done in suitcases or ask the moving company to provide carton boxes.
• Make ready outdoor items in advance. For example empty the storage tanks, disconnect generators, play pens, etc

At the New House

• Ensure the house is ready for occupation. For example, the paint is not wet, water is flowing in all areas, electricity is good especially at the sockets, etc.
• Confirm that your furniture can all fit into the house, have a plan of where each item should be put in advance.
• Have the house cleaned/fumigated prior to move day.
• Have the curtains/blinds fitted prior to the move day
• Inform the caretaker on the date you will move in

On the Move Day

• Arrange someone to take care of your kids, pack baby food and any medicine that is needed for the day.
• Ensure you have the house keys.
• Ensure there are no other workers (carpenters, painters, etc) or other persons not involved in the move at both sites in order to enhance accountability
• Show the movers your most important/sentimental items (paintings, carvings, ornaments, gifts, frames, carvings, books, etc) so that they can accord them special care.