Online or in store registration. Which is better?

If you are thinking about your guests and convenience for them then online gift registration is the way to go. They can pick out a gift in the comfort of their homes or offices and simply pay online. In this day and age of technological advancements, why not use it to make everyone’s life easier!

    How much is too much registry?

It’s not a crime to create a long registry list. Your guests will appreciate that you have given a wide range of options to choose from. However, don’t include an item that you don’t need.

    What should be the price range for my items?

Be considerate of the financial implications to your guests. Just because one guest can afford to get you a fridge another guest may not. Have items ranging from low budget, mid-range budget and high-end budget. This gives your guests options.

    How do I let my guests know where my gift registry is?

NEVER indicate your gift registry on your invitation card. It is considered presumptuous and your guests may feel as if it’s an obligation to get you something expensive. You may let your guests know where your gift registry is via social media or through your wedding website if you have one.

    When should I send thank you notes?

Sending thank you notes is polite, and shows your guests that you appreciate them going out of their way to get you something. Make sure to send the notes as soon as you can, after you’ve gone for your honeymoon and come back.