Moving to new country whether permanently or temporarily is an exciting experience-or terrifying- for many people. The idea of meeting different people and exploring a totally different culture can be an eye-opening adventure. A lot of planning goes into any kind of relocation. Here is a round-up of what to consider:-
On planning…First things first, do you already know where you are going to live. Do you know whether the apartment is furnished or not. If you’re moving because of your employer has transferred you there, chances are that they’ll organize on your behalf where to stay. If they don’t here’s what you need to consider:
• Work closely with a local reputable real estate company to get the kind of house you want
• Should your apartment be furnished, find out what exactly is in the house in detail
• Find a list of local reputable service providers such as plumbers and electricians
• Don’t get caught off guard. Find out items you are allowed to bring into another country and save yourself the embarrassment of your items being detained at the airport
On moving with pets…No one wants to leave their beloved member of the family-their pet. You need to be aware of the prevalent diseases in the country you are moving to so as to take the necessary vaccination measures. Consider the following:
• Weather there is a period of quarantine at the time of your move
• Requirements for custom clearance
• Import fees
• Identify a local vet in the country you’re moving to
• Sometimes the pet may require to be sedated before traveling
• You could slowly start changing your pet’s diet to the foods that are available in the country you’re moving to
On moving your car…You can always purchase/rent another car in the country you’re moving to, whatever option works for you, here is what you need to keep in mind:
• Research on the cars available in the other country, you might find a better options in terms of fuel, efficiency, maintenance costs etc.
• How are the roads in the other country? Should the roads be bad and poorly maintained, can your car handle it?
• Consider the shipping costs. Sometimes the cost may be too high and it may be easier to buy/rent another one on arrival.
• Maintenance: Find out if the local mechanics understand your car’s make and can repair it if need be. Also consider the availability of the spare parts that the car may require.
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