Sometimes land lords can be quite rigid when it comes to their pet policies. Especially when you imagine the costs that go into renovating your premises once the tenant has moved out. However, marketing your premises as ‘pet friendly’ can work in your favor by getting a tenant faster. As a land lord, there are some tips you can incorporate in ensuring that, while you are being flexible with your pet policies, you are not inviting a little monster into your premises that will give neighbors sleepless nights and force you to redo the entire house decor once the pet owner moves out.
First and foremost, please do away with that pet policy that you hand to every potential tenant. Consider the potential tenant and pet on a case-by-case basis. For instance, a fish will not eat the neighbor’s shoes, it will not whine because it has been accidentally locked outside and most definitely will not tear off that beautiful wall paper that you’ve just put up.
You should request the pet owner take the necessary vaccination measures. The pet owner should also ensure that the pet regularly visits the vet for checkups to ensure that they are free of diseases.
Ask for a reference. Ask that the tenant bring a reference letter from the previous landlord.
Request for a refundable pet deposit. This is a very effective measure. While it is not a guarantee that the pet will destroy your property, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Should the pet not ruin your premises, be kind enough to refund the full amount to the tenant when they decide to move out.
Seeing is believing. Make a point of meeting the pet owner together with their pet and see how well behaved the pet is. This way you can make a quick decision as to whether the potential tenant is worthy or not.
Incorporate simple rules to ensure that everything is in order. For instance request that a dog’s feces are immediately and properly disposed. Pets are kept strictly indoors, especially in cases of apartments.
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